Digital signage

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Digital communication as an effective communication tool for cutting edge means of notifying, informing and communicating news about services, products and the latest news to users.

TSmedia offers a comprehensive solution of digital communication that includes digital displays supported by high-quality hardware that is customised to be used for professional needs, as well as advanced software solutions that enable the easy and fast displaying of content for the economic and effective communication with clients.

Our advantage is the professional consultancy we offer for LED-displays. We offer high-quality and affordable displays.

It is also possible to hire screens and multimedia players that can then be set up in the location of your choice.

The operation of the screens can also be customised to your needs. This means that you can choose the screen operating times, playlist length, quantity of displayed content and playlist content, which can, for example, include both ads as well as internal and general messages.

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All the implementation steps for digital screen and display networks in one place.

Professional multimedia players and screens ensure the smooth display of content. We also offer the option of purchasing new equipment and the integration of existing equipment or hiring of displays.

A simple software interface provides comprehensive management of the displayed content. Displaying content is quick, using an internet connection and cloud services.

We take care of the installation of new equipment or replacement of existing equipment, including the connection to the power supply and LAN-network at your location.

Leave the preparation and customisation of content to our team of experts. You also have the option of integrating external sources of data.

If you want, we can adapt the visual design of the content display to your company’s visual identity or other requirements you may have. We can also adapt advertising content.

Our team of specialists ensure the reliable and stable functioning of the equipment, as well as any necessary troubleshooting.

Our team of experts can also provide a marketing potential assessment and carry out the marketing of advertising space.

[image_dd url=’’ animation=’fadeInUp’ duration=’1000′ delay=’0′ class=’center_aligned’][/image_dd] span=’4′][service_box_dd title=’ADDRESS PEOPLE IN LINE EFFECTIVELY’ icon=’entypo-users’ type=’square’ target=’_self’]Screens are also suitable to be placed in points of sale where lines usually occur. This is an ideal opportunity to present people waiting in line with a presentation of your company or a promotion of products, as well as display discount offers.[/service_box_dd][service_box_dd title=’FAST COMMUNICATION’ icon=’entypo-clock’ type=’square’ target=’_self’]Digital communication ensures that new information is provided in real time, content is displayed depending on location and time, it allows content to be customised to each point of sale and demographic group.[/service_box_dd][service_box_dd title=’OPTIMISATION AND ECONOMICS’ icon=’entypo-light-bulb’ type=’square’ target=’_self’]Digital screens eliminate the costs of printing and distribution. Utilising communication surfaces is more economical as the majority of content is on a screen and much less is present on static advertising stands.[/service_box_dd][/column_dd] span=’4′][service_box_dd title=’INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS’ icon=’entypo-info’ type=’square’ target=’_self’]A digital display in your company can act as a means of internal communications with which to inform your employees about the latest news in the company, upcoming events and any other important events in your company.[/service_box_dd][service_box_dd title=’MONETISATION OF THE SCREEN NETWORK’ icon=’entypo-mobile’ type=’square’ target=’_self’]A fast return on investments (ROI) by setting up a network of digital screens makes it possible to advertise your own products and services. An additional revenue is also the advertising of products in collaboration with partners or suppliers.[/service_box_dd][service_box_dd title=’INFLUENCING PURCHASING DECISIONS’ icon=’entypo-target’ type=’square’ target=’_self’]Screens in the vicinity of sales points directly influence the purchasing decisions of customers, more effectively accelerating sales in comparison with printed materials.[/service_box_dd][/column_dd] span=’4′][service_box_dd title=’BETTER REPUTATION’ icon=’entypo-thumbsup’ type=’square’ target=’_self’]Digital displays using a dynamic image are more noticeable in comparison with static and printed forms of communication. With the correct placement and suitable content, they create a pleasant shopping environment, positively impact the company’s reputation and strengthen the brand.[/service_box_dd][service_box_dd title=’PROMOTING LOYALTY PROGRAMMES’ icon=’entypo-screen’ type=’square’ target=’_self’]Effectively present loyalty programmes using digital screens at points of sale. This encourages customers to immediately become members or take advantage of loyalty programme benefits.[/service_box_dd]