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Quality news offers you a diverse set of the latest relevant and objective news from Slovenia and abroad. It’s also the best go to medium for sports and automotive news and interesting trends.

Instant news

With you get all the most important news in a heartbeat. offers you short top news of the day.


Positive news

Our journalists are always on the lookout for positive stories about brave individuals, who achieved something and are contributing greatly to our society and economics.



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Follow the latest news on anytime and anywhere, from morning till dawn, at home or on the go, and with the same experience on all screens and devices.

The entry point to the Slovenian internet

Diverse content

Interesting local information are just a click away. Follow current news, recipes and events at news

Only enables you to access news from over 130 Slovenian sources in a split of a second.

Useful tools

An interactive map makes sure you easily find your destination. It also offers you information on current traffic alerts and wheather conditions.

Mobile apps

You can easily access local information on your mobile device. Download the apps Novice (Google Play, Apple App Store) and Zemljevid (Google Play, Apple App Store).

Business assistant

Financial data

Browse all the latest financial, business and contact data for over 223,000 companies and organization without charge.



Business operations offers you daily updated information on account blockage, insolvency procedures, liquidity, ratings, balance and more.

New experience

Find new challenges, knowledge and connections through job advertisements and current business events at

Always up-to-date

Bizi Informer makes sure you know about everything that is going on in the business world via e-mail or a text message.

Telephone directory of Slovenia

The only official and universal Slovenian telephone directory

700,000 contacts

Looking for a telephone number? Find telephone numbers, addresses and other contact info for almost 700,000 companies and individuals in the Telephone directory of Slovenia.



Yellow pages

The Telephone directory of Slovenia offers the bigger yellow pages in Slovenia. Browse through various industries and find the best provider.

Three editions

You can access current and complete data on all Slovenian telephone subscribers on the web, on DVD or in a printed edition.

Digital outdoor displays

Key information and dynamic ads on 24 displays

Fresh news

Follow exclusive’s local, foreign, sports, automotive or entertainment news on digital outdoor displays.

Useful information

Our displays are the go to place for key information such as current time, weather and horoscope.

Co-create content

Participate in play contests, enter competitions or tell your story on digital outdoor displays with your mobile phone.

Always around

You can access key information in shopping malls, post offices, railway stations or car parks across Slovenia and via digital giants at elite locations in Ljubljana.


The only number, worth remembering

Immediate information

1188 service enables you to access phone numbers and addresses in a blink of an eye with a call or text message.

Always at your disposal

1188 service is available 24/7, so you can never find yourself in a pickle without contact information.

Household assistance

In need of a handyman, plumber, electrician, home appliance repairman, gardener or a cleaning crew? Call 1188 and get in contact with the right personal right away.

On the go

You can access opening hours, current events, lottery results, traffic reports, weather forecast and much more with only one call.


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